You are helping your child decide his or her future. 这些决定是艰难的. 我们理解,我们是来帮忙的.  

十大外围app provides students with a great education built on personal attention, 实践经验及承诺, 高素质的教职员工. 我们为学生将来的成功做好准备. 而且,我们做的是一个非常实惠的价格.

在MCCC, our mission is to provide student-focused, affordable and quality higher education. 我们非常认真地对待这项任务.  We try to live it each and every day in every interaction with our students and the community.


  • 成本 – at $124.学区内学生每学时54美元, MCCC is by far the lowest-cost higher education option for Monroe County residents. 和 受托人优秀奖学金, that cost can be cut even further for in-district students with qualifying SAT or ACT scores. 
  • MCCC已经预先批准 转移 选择与 20所大学合作伙伴 ——还有更多的人通过 密歇根转让协议 – so your child can go on to get that bachelor’s degree at one third the cost of a typical four-year, 公立大学.  Two universities – Siena Heights University and Spring Arbor University – have locations right on MCCC’s campus. SHU allows students in some programs to complete three years of a bachelor’s degree taking MCCC classes – 在MCCC’s low tuition rate.
  • MCCC的品种繁多 associate (two-year) and certificate (one-year or less) certificate programs 在护理等领域, 业务, 计算机信息系统, 工程技术, 幼儿教育, 刑事司法等等.
  • MCCC的师生比例是9:1. That low ratio allows our faculty to give our students the personal attention they deserve – there are no giant lecture classes 在MCCC. This is a huge advantage for MCCC students over those who attend large, 公立大学, where introductory courses are often taught in classrooms that hold hundreds of students. 在MCCC, 社会学等入门课程, 生物和历史一般是15岁的学生, 每次20到30个学生, 不超过100人.
  • 高质量的教学. Our full-time faculty members are well-respected and highly knowledgeable in their field. Nearly 95 percent have a master’s degree or higher in what they teach, 超过四分之一的人拥有博士学位.
  • 在MCCC,我们教师的真正热情是教学. 的y do not perform research while their courses are taught by graduate students, 这在大型大学里很常见. MCCC faculty members are accessible and very responsive to student needs; they offer personal instruction in small classroom settings.  
  • MCCC is committed to offering students state-of-the-art facilities. New construction and major upgrades to a number of facilities across campus have been completed and a number of projects are in-progress or planned. 2017年为16美元.3-million campus-wide geothermal-based heating, cooling and air-conditioning system was installed. 2018年,1美元.25-million renovation was made to the Life Sciences Building, including a large addition designed specifically for student collaboration. In 2021, a $9-million renovation was completed to combine the East and West Technology Buildings into a single facility including a student success center housing student services, 合作的空间, 教室和实验室. In 2022, the Campbell Learning Resources Center was completely renovated and expanded and renamed the Campbell Academic Center.

如果考虑到成本,MCCC是一个不错的选择. At one-third half the cost of a 公立大学 for in-district students, MCCC is very affordable. 的MCCC 受托人优秀奖学金计划 is based on ACT and SAT scores and can cover nearly half of tuition for Monroe County residents. Hundreds of additional 奖学金 are available annually. 去年,超过一半的MCCC学生获得了奖学金 金融援助,学院奖励了50万美元 奖学金. MCCC也提供 学费支付计划 that allows you to pay your child’s tuition and fees over time.

通过他们的 社区参与 and volunteerism, MCCC students make a difference on campus and in the community. MCCC’s students are offered plenty of such opportunities through 学生会 还有其他25名官员 学生社团和组织. In addition, there are many other engaging and enriching aspects of 校园生活 在MCCC, 如MCCC艺术收藏, 交响乐乐队, 唱诗班, 文化与时事演讲系列, 跳舞, entertainment/events at the 看中心/Meyer 的ater, 健身中心, 文学杂志, 学生报纸, 荣誉项目, Phi 的ta Kappa Honors Society and Study Abroad program.  

请与出纳员办公室联系,电话 (734) 384-4231,或致电1555 S到办事处查询. 瑞森维尔路门罗,密歇根州48161-9746. We accept cash, check or credit card (Visa, MasterCard and Discover). Make checks payable to 十大外围app and include student’s name, 学生证号码和电话号码. 

MCCC’s counselors in the 招生 and Gui跳舞 Office are there help incoming students decide on a career path. 的y provide academic advising, career counseling and testing and referrals to outside agencies. All new students must meet with a counselor in the 招生 Office prior to registering for classes the first time.

辅导和学习辅助服务 免费提供给注册的mcc学生. 的y can get help in a wide variety of subject areas. From math and science to humanities and social sciences, these services are a great resource to help students who are looking to improve in their performance in the classroom.    

绝对不是. 的 密歇根转让协议 makes 转移ring easy – 30 credits are guaranteed to 转移 to the other colleges and universities in Michigan. MCCC也有预先批准 转让协议 拥有20所高等院校. Bachelor’s degree completion agreements with four-year colleges are commonly known as “2+2” and “3+1” agreements. A “2+2” agreement allows the student to 转移 approximately the first two years of a four-year degree from MCCC to another college. A “3+1” agreement allows for the 转移 of up to three years of MCCC credits into a four-year degree at the 转移 institution.